inhale. pause. exhale. pause.


Dive deeper into specific topics to connect body and mind approaching health in a holistic way.

Workshop topics include breathwork, mindfulness, stress prevention and treatment. The topics and setting can also be specifically designed for your event and can be held in English or German. You can book workshops for groups or individuals.

Individual Coachings

Open the door to self-explore and work on your goals with individual guidance.

With a customized mix of cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques, meditation and yoga exercises, we will work on your individual goal according to your current situation. Example topics are:

  • Stressmanagement, -coping and -resilience
  • Dealing with anxiety, worry and uncertainty
  • Finding motivation, goal- and value-orientation for your creative flow and visions
  • Increasing your sense of self-worth and self-acceptance


(Re)treat yourself with time to decelerate and reconnect. Retreats offer a time for you to just be, to let go of your everyday responsibilities and ambitions. You are taken care of to unwind and enter a space to connect with yourself.

Retreats are usually designed to dive deeper into a specific topic but they can also be planned specifically for your friends group or team.

Dania Esch Yoga _ photo by Annika Will

Past Retreat

Nature Retreat
– Oct 2019 –
with Marlene Schmitt & Leonie Fahjen
from Yoga on the Move

We spend a colorful weekend at Ponderosa enjoying delicious food and the beautiful nature around. We dove into diverse yoga and meditation practices and held workshops.

See the gallery for impressions

Dania Esch Yoga _ photo by Annika Will